Williams: It’s not how much you spend


Claire Williams insists there is "no reason" Williams can't compete against the top teams despite running on a much smaller budget.

This season has seen Williams drop behind Ferrari in the battle for best of the rest behind Mercedes.

The Grove team has yet to appear on the podium whereas Ferrari have done so in all four races even taking the race win in Malaysia.

Williams, though, is confident her team, despite their smaller budget, can spend that money wisely to challenge those ahead.

"I heard Ferrari were ploughing in another 100m into their development over the winter on top of what they had already allocated – that's our whole budget!" the deputy team principal told Sky Sports F1.

"But there's no reason we can't compete and we believe we can. I would love to win against them with a third of their budget."

She added: "I don't necessarily believe it's about how much money you spend. It's about working harder and smarter than the rest of the paddock with the resources you have available and we've done that in the past at Williams.

"We have won World Championships against the likes of Ferrari and McLaren who have always had bigger budgets than us. We've won 16 championships against them so there’s no reason we can’t do it.

"We have great people at Williams and we beat teams with much bigger budgets than us last year and we are doing it this year – we are beating McLaren and Red Bull, and that's our goal to keep ahead of them."