Williams: Qualifying fiasco taught F1 a lesson


After the Formula 1 bosses received tremendous backlash over the changing of the qualifying format, Williams Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams is hopeful that they have learned their lesson.

Team bosses, fans and drivers were all opposed to the qualifying change, and now that it has been reverted to the 2015 format Williams explained that they can finally concentrate on racing without any distractions.

"I think that we have learned that we need to take more time to consider the proposals that come to us," she is quoted as saying by the New Zealand Herald.

"You don't want to play out scenarios like that in the public arena. They should be done behind the scenes. I do think we've learned the lesson.

"It's obviously what the fans want…it's certainly what our partners want."

The announcement to revert back to the 2015 format was made last week after the team bosses held a meeting with Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt.