Williams reserves judgement on qualy


Claire Williams has urged those in F1 to hold off on their criticism of the new qualifying format until they have seen it played out.

Last week the FIA confirmed that changes to the system would go ahead and would be implemented as early as the season-opening Australian GP.

Under the new format drivers will be eliminated at set intervals during each of the three segments rather than just at the end.

The new system has not gone down well with many in the paddock voicing their displeasure.

Williams, though, feels they should reserve judgement until after qualifying in Australia.

"Let's wait and see," she told Autosport. "It's too early to judge. I'd like to get to Melbourne and see how it plays out and then we will comment on it.

"If it doesn't work then fine. We tried. All we are trying to do is make this sport more exciting, which is what everyone wants."

Asked if she was concerned that the 'majority of drivers are not in favour of it', the deputy team boss said: "Yes, because they are the ones who are the big players.

"You want to come out with a new regulation and hope people look at it positively.

"But we see in F1 people immediately focusing on the negative rather than saying hold on a minute, let's not criticise until we see it play out."

In fact Williams has urged all those in Formula 1 to stop criticising the sport publicly 

She told F1i.com: "Rather than becoming so embroiled in the negative commentary, can we just go racing and do what we love, and talk this port up?

"When you strip away all the negativity, this is still – and you may find me a little naive, or whatever – an amazing sport.

"These cars are phenomenal. What our team has managed to achieve over a very short winter period to bring this car to the race track is a phenomenal thing.

"So let's focus on the positives rather than bringing more reputational damage to our sport by talking about it negatively. Let's get excited about going to Melbourne and seeing who is going to do well."