Wolff books RoC return


Susie Wolff will be back in the Race of Champions this year, partnering David Coulthard in Team Scotland.

Last season Wolff made her RoC debut in Barbados where, racing alongside Coulthard for Team Great Britain, the duo finished runner-up in the Nations Cup.

Coulthard went on to win the individual Champions title while Wolff was beaten in the group stages.

"Last year was a fantastic experience so I’m delighted to be coming back to the Race Of Champions," said the Williams test driver.

"It's a very challenging event, you just go in and try to find the limit as quickly as possible in all the different cars while trying to avoid mistakes – all of it against some of the world's best drivers.

"But it was great to have David as my team-mate last year and even better to reach the final of the ROC Nations Cup.

"Now we can hopefully count on some extra support in London so we'll try our best to do it again. I can't wait to get back out there enjoying the adrenalin of racing once more."

This year's Race of Champions will take place in London with F1 represented by Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Felipe Massa and Nico Hulkenberg.