Wolff calls for review of radio ban


Toto Wolff has called for a review of F1’s radio communication ban after Lewis Hamilton’s European GP was blighted by engine setting issues.

Hamilton struggled for pace in Sunday’s grand prix in Azerbaijan as he was unable to resolve the setting issue.

It was a problem that could have been easily fixed had Mercedes been permitted to give him the information.

As they weren’t, Hamilton crossed the line in fifth pace and lost more ground to championship leader – and race winner – Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes motorsport boss Wolff has called on Formula 1 to review the radio ban.

“I think at the heart of racing there should be drivers racing each other – that is my opinion,” he said.

“Today’s cars are very complicated – very sophisticated technology-wise – so it is not that I am complaining – quite the opposite, as it is the same for everybody.

“But I think that Ferrari had a similar issue so you can do two things: make the technology much less complicated – and I don’t think that this is the right direction – or just change the regulations so that you can communicate with the driver in case there is a problem.

“But right now it is how it is.”