Wolff denies Mercedes are a super-opportunist

Date published: March 27 2018 - Editor

Although Toto Wolff says Mercedes are not being a “super-opportunist” regarding the 2021 engine regulations, they would like for them to be “more or less maintained.”

The Formula 1 teams, Liberty Media and the FIA are currently debating the new regulations for 2021 which may include a revamp of the engine rules.

Ferrari and Mercedes have already stated that if they are not happy, they may walk away from Formula 1.

This has led to claims that they only want the rules to remain the same because they are the leading teams.

Asked about this, Wolff told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper: “You can’t be such a super-opportunist. That will bite you one day.

“For us, a change in the engine regulations would even be desirable because we assume that our structure works at Mercedes.

“To avoid a transformation of performance, we would like to start again from scratch. But that would be expensive.

“We therefore call for the rules to be more or less maintained.

“In two years’ time there will be only marginal differences in performance between the now competing engine manufacturers.

“Renault will close up this season. And Honda took a big leap.”

Wolff added that Mercedes are open to a compromise and have sent a proposal to Liberty and the FIA.

“We think that certain components should be released for distribution and standardised,” he said.

“In addition, the engine speed should be allowed to increase and the fuel flow should be increased.

“Standard parts should be considered where a new entrant may not want to develop.

“We would make our technology available or standardise it.”