Wolff: F1 doesn’t need 2017 regulation changes

Date published: April 19 2016 - Editor

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has revealed that Formula 1 does not need to change the regulations in 2017 as racing will be more exciting if it the changes were more stable.

With F1 set for major regulation changes next season, Wolff believes that the first three races of the season are already a sign that the sport is still exciting, despite a clean sweep of victories for the silver arrows.

"There is nothing to sell on it," he told Motorsport. "There is no selling proposition in those new regulations in my opinion.

"We should just leave it alone.

"And maybe speaking against ourselves because clearly we don't have the advantage we had last year, but the racing is great and will become even greater if we leave the regulations alone."

The Austrian added that the teams across the grid have just gotten used to the recent changes, which includes hybrid engines, downforce levels and tyre strategy choices, so it will be step backwards to enforce new changes once again.

"Even if it is uncomfortable for the commercial rights holder that we have been running away with lots of races and the two championships, the longer you keep regulations stable the more the performance is going to converge between everybody," the 44-year-old continued.

"And this is exactly what is happening now.

"The engines are converging. The teams are converging. The gains we are making are smaller as the curve flattens out, and the others are making bigger steps. So I think we are having an ideal situation with great racing."