Wolff: F1 needs Baku-style tracks


Toto Wolff reckons Formula 1 needs tracks like Baku, not “supermarket parking lots with run-off areas that are miles wide.”

Azerbaijan made its Formula 1 debut last weekend to mixed reviews.

While some hailed the track for its lack of run-off and element of danger, others such as Jenson Button called it a step backward in safety.

Wolff, though, is one of those who reckons it brings something extra to the show.

“Two weeks ago I was at the Isle of Man looking at the TT [motorbike race] and I found it very spectacular,” said the Mercedes motorsport boss.

“I think Baku is a spectacular track, it’s just what we need in Formula One, although I can understand the drivers needing it to be as safe as possible.

“One of the areas that Formula One needs to improve is that nobody wants to see racing on supermarket parking lots with run-off areas that are miles wide and you can just rejoin if you make a mistake.

“It makes a big difference and, without having driven a car here – which is probably why my view is quite different because I can’t feel what the drivers feel – I think this is just what we need in Formula One.”