Wolff: Hamilton ran his own race


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff revealed that Lewis Hamilton was allowed to chose his own strategy for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday.

Wolff was responding to critics that suggested the team puts both their drivers on the same strategy and denies them the opportunity to change them mid-race.

"You were all criticising us [and saying] we were remote-controlling it too much last time around,” autosport.com quotes Wolff as saying.

"This time there were two strategies that could have worked so we left it to him, his race engineer and his side of the garage to decide which strategy he would rather go for.

"They were a bit worried the super-soft wouldn't last to the end. We saw on the first stint the tyre lasted eight or nine laps on full fuel.

"At the end [of the race], it would have been 15 laps to go. That could have fallen off a cliff so the result would have been worse."