Wolff: Hamilton’s engine blow-out still haunts us


Despite Lewis Hamilton winning the recently concluded United States Grand Prix, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff revealed that his engine blow-out in Sepeng is still fresh in their thoughts.

After his retirement from the lead in Malaysia, Hamilton has been in constant fear of the reliability of his car and admitted that the thought of another failure during his victory in the USA was a regular feature on his mind throughout the race.

"I was just the whole race concerned the car was not going to make it," the Brit told Motorsport.

"I was just in fear of the same thing, the same feeling, the sound that I heard in Malaysia, so I was grateful that the car made it across the line."

Wolff shared the triple World Champion’s concerns and added that he too was stressed throughout the race.

"It is never plain sailing, but I guess it was as good as it could have been on the engine," the Austrian added.

"Malaysia came out of nowhere and it still swings with all of us. The trauma is going to remain for a while.

"It is very stressful for the guys in the garage because there is a lot of responsibility and a lot of pressure on them – and everything that is being said consciously or unconsciously puts even more pressure. That is not the right thing to do.

"Our job needs to be to take pressure away because responsibility stays there anyway and accountability – this is how these guy work. So – I guess, you need to write something, so here we had a topic to write on which was a ghost…"