Wolff: Mercedes technical base is strong

Date published: February 11 2018 - Editor

Toto Wolff believes Mercedes would not falter if they lost of their key technical staff such is their depth in personnel.

Last January it was confirmed that Mercedes executive director Paddy Lowe had left the team in favour of a move to Williams.

Lowes’ departure, though, by no means set the team back.

Instead, with Ferrari former man James Allison leading the technical department, Mercedes raced to a fourth successive championship double.

“In the Formula 1 team because of the ever-changing regulatory environment and the challenges you face, it is not a static structure, it is dynamic,” Wolff told Autosport.

“You can’t freeze an organisation because it is successful. You need to look after the next generation of leaders, you need to adapt to new challenges.

“And therefore you will see this organisation develop and younger engineers and mechanics and management coming up.

“This organisation is not dependent on a single individual, not Paddy, not James, not Andy, not myself, nobody.

“We have a strong base of individuals that do a tremendous job that would deserve much more external visibility and external recognition for the awesome jobs they do.

“And therefore you can say that when a highly senior person leaves the team or there is a change in the senior personnel it will not affect the organisation because the base is so strong.”