Wolff: No pre-agreement for Mexico


Toto Wolff is adamant Mercedes will "not pre-agree" who takes the lead in Sunday's Mexican Grand Prix.

Although Nico Rosberg is starting the grand prix from pole position with Lewis Hamilton second on the grid, the last time that happen disaster almost struck.

Hamilton attacked Rosberg for the lead in Austin and pushed the German wide with the duo making slight contact.

Rosberg accused the Brit of being "extremely aggressive" although Hamilton denied it was deliberate.

This Sunday Mercedes could face a similar situation as the duo are again lining up first and second.

Wolff, though, says there's no pre-plan on how it will play out.

"It is always tricky when it is so close between team-mates, or close between racing cars in general," the Mercedes motorsport chief stated.

"We want to see them race, and not pre-agree who goes through the first corner first and who goes second. It would make the whole thing much less exciting.

"For us, as a team, it is always a challenge; we continue to support them in racing hard but of course for the team it is very important to have no controversy.

"There's no need to discuss things again. We have conversations regularly, we had discussions after Austin and they're both absolutely aware of the situation."