Wolff on Red Bull’s ‘odd behaviour’


Toto Wolff agrees with Lewis Hamilton that it is "odd" that Red Bull are heading towards the exit just because they are no longer winning.

Red Bull's future in Formula 1 is in doubt after the four-time World Champions called time on their partnership with Renault.

Red Bull were furious and frustrated as once again their engine partner was unable to match the performance and reliability of their Mercedes counterpart.

But without an engine deal in place for next season, Red Bull could now be heading towards the exit door.

The team's behaviour was recently questioned by reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

"It seems really odd for me, having witnessed Red Bull's success and then the moment they don't have success, it's like they have been upset about it," the Brit told Autosport. "I have not seen that with any other team."

And it is a sentiment echoed by his Mercedes chief Wolff.

"I'd like to quote Lewis, it's an odd behaviour," the Austrian told F1i.com.

"We have had very, very difficult times from 2010 onwards, Ferrari has had a long spell of difficult years, I think McLaren are not in an easy situation either and Williams the same.

"This is the nature of competition, you have good times and bad times and it is important to not lose sight of that and I think loyalty and building of sustainable relationships is key.

"Losing Red Bull would be definitely not good for Formula One so I hope they will sort their situation out."