Wolff: Quality of engine sound essential for F1


Although Toto Wolff does not want a return to the V8 engines, he concedes that F1 needs to be an “audio-visual exercise” with engine sound an important part of the experience.

The muted noise coming from the new generation of V6 engines has been a contentious point since their introduction in 2014.

Fans, drivers and even team personnel have continued to voice their complaints leading Formula 1 new owners to agree that the engine discussion needs to be on the table for post 2020.

And while Wolff is keen to ensure that the V6 engines continue to power F1, he admits the sport needs to up the noise level.

“Why do people say ‘rev the engine and go, go go’?” the Mercedes motorsport boss told Autosport.

“With everything going hybrid on the road, going efficient, and going autonomous, watching racing cars is still an audio-visual exercise.

“You can see the cars going fast, but the sound is very important. It gives us the perception of power and speed.

“I think maybe with the current generation of engines we have forgotten to take care about this point.

“Having said that, I don’t think it is completely bad.

“But with 2020, when we do the new engines, quality of sound should be an essential part. It is very important.”