Wolff: Red Bull to blame for engine limit

Date published: November 26 2017 - Editor

Toto Wolff says Red Bull cannot point the finger at anyone but themselves for next year’s three engine limit.

Next season Formula 1 will drop from four to three engines for the season after which drivers will incur penalties.

Earlier this weekend, Red Bull boss Christian Horner hit out at the new limit, saying it is “barking mad.”

Wolff, though, says Red Bull as a customer are to blame.

“If it’s barking mad, they shouldn’t have pushed for a lower supply price, and we shouldn’t have agreed to give that in order to achieve lower supply price,” Wolff told Motorsport.com.

“We’re going to go down from four engines, which was bound in the regulations, to three engines. This is where we are – the regulations stood for four engines for next year – and we were perfectly fine for that.

“All manufacturers were pushed, let’s call it strongly encouraged, to optimise on the supply price – and this is what we did and this was the consequence. And everybody, as far as I remember who was on the table, was part of it.

“It’s a massive struggle for all of us, but it’s out of what we have discussed.”