Wolff reveals pit lane concerns


Although Toto Wolff lowering the speed limit in the Paul Ricard pit lane was a good call, he admits more still needs to be done to ensure the safety of the mechanics.

Earlier this weekend, FIA race director Charlie Whiting lowered the speed limit in the pit lane from 80km/h to 60.

This was done due to the extremely tight left turn that drivers make into the pits, right in front of the Mercedes pits.

However, with rain forecast for Sunday’s French GP, Wolff believes more still needs to be done especially in light of the recent Hungaroring DTM race and the injuries to pit crew.

“We had some terrible accidents with dreadful injuries, cars aquaplaning into people, and into pit equipment,” the Mercedes motorsport boss told Autosport.

“Tomorrow with rain, clearly the garage entry is a worry. But I have 100% confidence in Charlie and his men that by reducing the speed limit, it will be OK.

“Having said that in Budapest the data we measured when [Edoardo] Mortara and [Lucas] Auer turned into their respective pit boxes, they were doing 40km/h [25mph]. Whatever speed you do, you aquaplane.

“The pit exit is not good, because it’s right on the line.

“For next year it’s something clearly we can improve.”