Wolff: Rivals’ complaints part of F1


Toto Wolff has no issue with Ferrari and Red Bull asking for clarity about Mercedes’ F1 car as it is part of F1 to get something you don’t have made “illegal.”

Over the winter Ferrari questioned the trick suspension system used by both Mercedes and Red Bull Racing with the FIA declaring that it is illegal.

During that period Red Bull also asked for clarity over the burning of oil for fuel, something Mercedes were believed to be doing.

That too was ruled illegal.

Wolff, though, says he has no issues with the actions of Mercedes’ rivals.

“I think you need to do that. It’s part of Formula 1,” he told Motorsport.com.

“It’s on one side optimising your own performance without looking too much at your competitors because it’s too distracting.

“On the other side if you think someone is having an advantage in an area that you don’t, one of the tools you have is to make it illegal.

“That’s what’s happened forever in Formula 1 and it’s perfectly acceptable.”

Speaking specifically about the pre-loaded trick suspension, Wolff says the FIA’s ruling did not have a “great” impact on Mercedes’ performance as there is no one single thing that can be attributed to their pace.

“There seems to be a lot of technical directives flying around and what people often misunderstand is there is no single device on the car that makes a difference or not to the others,” he said.

“The discussions around suspension is a clarification of what is to be permitted or not and it’s good to have clarification. It’s not something that is affecting us performance-wise.

“We tried several suspension technologies with the consequence of not having huge lap time differentiation between them and, like you say, even with the clarification of the FIA now it is not a great deal for us.”