Wolff split over Red Bull deal


Toto Wolff says he is in two minds over whether Mercedes should supply Red Bull with engines as while it would be good for F1, it may cost his team race wins and World titles.

Although Red Bull Racing currently have a deal with Renault that is set to run for another season, there is talk of the former World Champions swapping to Mercedes power in the future.

Should that happen, it would be great for Formula 1 and the fans as it is Renault who are being largely blamed for Red Bull's current lack of form.

However, it could be back for the Mercedes works team as it would bring Red Bull back to the front.

And that, Wolff says, is why he's torn over the matter.

"There is a deal in place [between Red Bull and Renault] and we do not want to interfere in legal matters between both parties," he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"But if I wear my Mercedes-Benz motorsport boss' hat and think about what is in the best interests of F1, then I have to say it's an interesting option because it it would link us to a brand that has huge appeal among the young and it's a winning brand.

"However, speaking as the boss of a rival team, I have to say that it's not ideal to strengthen one of your main competitors which knows how to make winning racing cars."