Wolff: Too early for Rosberg title talk


After Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg won his second Grand Prix of 2016, and his fifth in a row, Team Boss Toto Wolff has played down chances of a championship for the 30-year-old.

Rosberg, who took advantage of Lewis Hamilton's troublesome start, basically dominated the entire race weekend expect for the qualifiers, where he lost pole position to the Brit.

Despite taking a commanding lead in the title race, Wolff warned that there are still 19 Grand Prix's to be raced so anything could happen.

"Every race we have a discussion about momentum swinging in one direction or the other," the Austrian told dailymail.co.uk.

"Clearly Nico has had a massive run and he has won the last five races. He is leading the championship and that is a fact.

"But Lewis was on pole, he didn't get off the line well and had a collision with Valtteri (Bottas).

"It is is too early days – two races of 21 – so, I wouldn't want to say that the momentum is on one side."

Defending Hamilton, who said that he was at fault for his slow start, Wolff added that the team believes it is more of a hardware issue rather than a driver’s one.

"We tend to believe it is more a hardware issue than a control electronics problem and you can't solve that from one race to the other," he told Sky Sports.

"We are working to sort it out, the way we assess clutches and the way we round them, the way we calibrate them, obviously how the driver uses needs to be optimised.

"When you look at Nico's start into the formation lap he made a mistake and chose second gear and went into anti-stall. So all that is possible and all that was the purpose of changing the regulations."