Wolff: We should have let them race


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has admitted that they should not have issued team orders during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and let Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg fight it out.

During the final race of the season, Mercedes repeatedly told Hamilton to pick up the pace as their competitors were catching up to Rosberg.

The Brit refused the request and replied: “I suggest you let use race.”

Looking back, Wolff said that they should have let them race instead of intervening.

“In the heat of the moment, sometimes when you make decisions you get them wrong,” Wolff told Sky Sports.

“In our mind, the way we think, this race is giving us the same number of points as other races and we try to win that one, not considering that there was much more at stake for the drivers.

“How the race panned out, we should have communicated differently and in hindsight let them race in the way they deemed to be appropriate.”

Chatting about Rosberg’s replacement, Wolff explained that they have to consider the dynamic between Hamilton and the incoming driver.

“He has been a great pillar in the team’s success. When he came, everything changed, so he has played a role. It’s very important to keep him in a good place.,” he said.

“The dynamics between the two drivers is one of the factors we will consider.”