Wolff: Wobbles are to be expected


Once again dealing with a bit of a driver "wobble", Toto Wolff says Mercedes are not here to censor their drivers' emotions.

Last Sunday Nico Rosberg lashed out at Lewis Hamilton for driving selfishly and accused him of compromising his race.

Hours later, though, the matter had been spoken out within the Mercedes camps with all parties insisting it had been resolved.

And although Mercedes probably could have done without the focus being on yet another driver feud, Wolff says it is right to let his drivers vent.

"That scenario (what happened in the race) was discussed on Sunday morning and you must understand the emotions in that moment," the Mercedes motorsport boss told Press Association Sport.

"We don't censor them being emotional. They get out of the car after two hours and they're either happy or frustrated, and you need to allow that."

The Austrian added that even though Mercedes would do their best to stay on top of the situation, he expects a "wobble" at times.

"You can try and have a handle and be on top of situations and try to understand where it's heading to, whether it's dangerous ground or not, but it's still racing, there is a certain degree of unpredictability in the sport.

"Of course, both of them know of the responsibilities they have towards the thousand people who are behind the performance of the car, and they appreciate that and honour that.

"But then it's also a Drivers' Championship and they know the priorities pretty well.

"They have functioned well since the beginning, with a little wobble here and there, and probably this is how it's going to continue."