‘Wrong to say Williams on the way out’


Claire Williams is convinced Williams will bounce back from their early season woes, saying anyone who thinks otherwise is “very wrong.”

Williams’ 2018 campaign is off to a dreadful start with the team managing just four points in five grands prix.

The FW41 has been criticised from all quarters with reserve driver Robert Kubica reportedly saying he was “embarrassed” driving the car in Spanish practice.

Williams, though, is adamant the team will recover.

“When you are winning it’s fantastic and when you are not then you have to re-organise and regroup, and it’s always about how you cope with those challenges,” she told Autosport.

“At the moment there is a huge spirit within Williams to get this fixed.

“People can tune in and they can see our performance on the TV and then think: ‘What on earth is going on at Williams?’

“But anyone who thinks that Williams is on its way out or in a spiral of decline or any other analogy you want to use, would be very wrong.”

Williams form has already seen chief designed Ed Wood leave the team, his departure billed as’personal reasons’.

Williams added: “Tenth is nowhere near where we want to be, but sometimes you need to almost have that kind of dose of reality to set yourself a different course and move forward.

“And we will. Everyone needs a bit of patience to allow us to do that.”