Zandvoort interested in F1 return


Zandvoort is the latest track contemplating a return to the Formula 1 calendar with politicians confirming they are keen on the idea.

Mexico City returned to F1 last weekend following a 23-year absence and there has also been talk that former venues like Argentina and South Africa are mulling comebacks.

And now Zandvoort, which hosted the Dutch Grand Prix on 34 occasions with the last one in 1985, has also thrown its hat into the ring with politicians confirming their interest.

"Everyone is excited about it," VVD member Jerry Kramer told "I think we need to tackle it together: governments and businesses in the region.

"It is a historic circuit, it would be so nice if we could get back on the calendar. I realise that it will cost tens of millions of Euros to bring back Formula 1, but we should certainly explore the possibilities."

Zandvoort director Erik Weijers admits they still have a long way to go before they can make concrete plans about a return to the calendar. 

"There is a lot of money involved, but this is a first step," he said. "Should it come to a concrete plan it will take some time. Perhaps in 2019 or 2020.

"Simply put, three things must happen. The infrastructure needs to be improved, the circuit needs to be refurbished and the financial requirements of the Formula 1 organisation must be met.

"And if we do that then we get another Grand Prix in the Netherlands."