F1 2024: Head-to-head race statistics between team-mates

Henry Valantine
F1 2024 head-to-head race stats.

Max Verstappen had a huge advantage over Sergio Perez in their race head-to-head in 2023.

The first rule of Formula 1 is simple: Always beat your team-mate. And in F1 2024, that’s no different for everyone on the grid.

It could be argued that Formula 1 is the most selfish team sport in the world, with drivers working in the interests of their team but, ultimately, looking to further their own interests first and foremost. And with the only true barometer of individual performance on the other side of the garage, race head-to-head records are a crucial way in which drivers are measured against each other alongside the points they score come the end of the season. Let’s take a look.

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: Red Bull

Max Verstappen 3-1 Sergio Perez

Given that Max Verstappen won 19 of the 22 races last season, for Sergio Perez to have registered a win against him in this category he would almost certainly have had to have stood on the top step of the podium.

He did so twice in the first four races of 2023, but Verstappen finished ahead at all of the others, making a 20-2 head-to-head record. Perez above all others will want to address that in 2024.

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton 0-4 George Russell*

While Lewis Hamilton and George Russell held the closest qualifying record of any driver pairing in 2023, their one-lap record ending 11-11 last time around, it was Hamilton who held the upper hand on Sundays with a 15-6 record, which would’ve been 16-6 had he not been disqualified from second place in Austin.

Hamilton will be looking to head to Ferrari showing he is still Mercedes’ top driver, while Russell is looking to prove he is worthy of the mantle of the Silver Arrows’ next team leader.

*Russell crashed out of the Australian Grand Prix on lap 57, but was a classified finisher in 17th place

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: Ferrari

Carlos Sainz 3-0 Charles Leclerc

Oliver Bearman 0-1 Charles Leclerc

While Charles Leclerc often held the upper hand in qualifying over Carlos Sainz last season, in races it was often a different story. Leclerc held a 15-7 record in qualifying in 2023, but in races, he was only 11-9 ahead (with Qatar and Austin excluded after a Sainz DNS and Leclerc DSQ respectively).

This Ferrari pairing has been very evenly-matched in their time together overall, with Leclerc 2-1 ahead in terms of who has come out on top in the Drivers’ Championship – finishing just six points ahead of Sainz last season.

Sainz was replaced by Ferrari reserve Oliver Bearman for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after being ruled out through illness.

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: McLaren

Lando Norris 3-1 Oscar Piastri

Having made a remarkable recovery mid-season with their huge upgrade package, McLaren became a force to be reckoned with in the middle of 2023.

Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri were no small reason behind that with their driving capabilities, and Norris had a 17-5 record over his rookie team-mate last season, though a Sprint win in Qatar for the Australian will have been a big boost for him as this battle heats up.

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso 3-1 Lance Stroll

Fernando Alonso out-qualified Lance Stroll 19-3 last season, and in race trim the picture was pretty similar, scoring much more than his team-mate and finishing ahead 17-4 come season’s end, with Stroll missing the Singapore Grand Prix following a qualifying crash.

Stroll admitted he needs to close that gap to his team-mate in 2024, but with Alonso being a two-time World Champion and widely considered one of the greatest to ever grace the sport, doing so would be no mean feat on the Canadian’s part.

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: Alpine

Esteban Ocon 3-1 Pierre Gasly

While Pierre Gasly was 14-8 ahead in qualifying trim last season and finished in front in the World Championship, it was in fact Esteban Ocon who crossed the line ahead more times in 2023, with a 10-9 positive record against his team-mate (three double retirements making up the shortfall).

One of the tightest in-team battles on the grid and both drivers with a point to prove, expect more close fights in 2024.

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: Williams

Alex Albon 2-1 Logan Sargeant*

With Alex Albon having firmly placed himself as Williams’ team leader, evidenced further by his 22-0 whitewash in qualifying last season, Logan Sargeant worked hard over the 2023 winter break to gain muscle to bring the fight to the F1 grid this season.

Albon scored the lion’s share of Williams’ points last time around and earned an 18-3 head-to-head race record last year (with a double retirement at Suzuka), and he will be hoping for a repeat in 2024.

*Sargeant did not start the Australian Grand Prix

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F1 2024 head-to-head race record: RB

Daniel Ricciardo 1-3 Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda had three team-mates to contend with in races last season, and it was only in four races with Liam Lawson that he came out with a negative record – Lawson finishing ahead three times out of four in their time together.

Overall, Tsunoda took a 13-8 head-to-head victory in race form last season, but in a rejuvenated Daniel Ricciardo at the newly-rebranded RB this season, he has a lot to contend with.

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: Kick Sauber

Valtteri Bottas 3-1 Zhou Guanyu

While Valtteri Bottas was comfortably ahead of Zhou Guanyu in qualifying trim with a 15-6 record last season, their race form was quite a bit tighter, with Bottas winning out 12-9 in 2023.

Zhou and Bottas both enter the final year of their current contracts with their team this season, so will look to stand out above their team-mate in F1 2024.

F1 2024 head-to-head race record: Haas

Kevin Magnussen 1-3 Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg earned a 15-7 qualifying head-to-head win between himself and Kevin Magnussen last season, and the Dane pegged it back somewhat in races to a closer 13-9 margin come the end of the season.

Another tight battle is predicted between the experienced Haas duo, with both drivers looking to the future beyond the end of 2024.

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