Oscar Piastri receives epic burn from his own mother in hilarious social media post

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Oscar Piastri speaking to the media.

Oscar Piastri reckons McLaren are in the "mix"

There’s nothing like being publicly roasted by your mum but Oscar Piastri’s mother Nicole has once again shown the world who is the family’s social media darling.

From middle-naming him for sitting on a MotoGP bike to commenting that she was “pretty sure I would’ve remembered that” when a fan captioned a photograph of Oscar and Fernando Alonso the “goat father and the goat son”, Nicole takes her motherly job of humbling Oscar seriously.

‘Taught him everything he knows…’

She was at it again as Oscar took to X to share a few photographs of him surfing in the break between races.

Nicole couldn’t resist, claiming she “taught him everything he knows”… “except using the oven to dry his washing”.

The good news is the McLaren driver is okay with it, after all, she’s his mum.

“Yeah, it’s cool,” he said last season. “I mean I kind of made… That’s where I made my social media name for myself on Twitter a few years ago, and now my mum’s doing the same, mainly by making fun of me, but that’s okay, she’s my mum, she’s allowed to!”

Nicole’s posts aren’t only intended to roast her son, she also used X to congratulate Lando Norris on his maiden F1 win at the Miami Grand Prix.

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Last time out at the Miami International Autodrome, Norris beat Max Verstappen to the chequered flag to secure his first-ever F1 victory although it was Piastri who put the pressure on the Red Bull driver in the opening stint.

Racing only 50 per cent of McLaren’s upgraded package with Norris receiving the full allotment, McLaren team boss Andrea Stella said: “Oscar comes out of [Miami] even more conscious of his strengths as a driver. We sort of knew already how fast he is on a single lap.

“Consider that he didn’t have the full package – and let me pay proper credit to Oscar, the gap he had to Lando in qualifying is smaller than the difference of the package he had.

“So he was really pulling off strong performance over a single lap in very difficult conditions, like all drivers with soft tyres. His performance in the race was again very strong.

“Lando said something really nice before; he said by looking at Oscar overtaking a Ferrari, he got like, ‘Wow, we are actually there’. So, it was a realisation for Lando himself.

“Oscar could keep a strong pace in the first stint. So, I think he comes out of [Miami] with this sort of convictions, which, especially in terms of race pace, is something that we wanted to improve.”

He added: “For me, he’s in a very strong place.”

Piastri will have the full package at this weekend’s Imola race.

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