For sale: The Lando Norris ‘dream car’ that he ‘might get abused for’

Sam Cooper
Lando Norris Fiat 500 Jolly on display.

Lando Norris Fiat 500 Jolly: Up for auction

Lando Norris is selling his “dream car” and before you ask, no it is not a McLaren or indeed any kind of super car.

With a reported salary of $20 million plus access to a presumably very good employee discount at McLaren, Norris’ garage is sure to be stocked with a number of high end cars.

But his car of choice for life at his home in Monaco may not be what you are expecting.

Lando Norris selling his Monaco runaround car

Speaking to Top Gear, Norris revealed the many cars he currently owns. Having graduated from his first car of a Mini Cooper, his next was a little more high end as he picked up a McLaren after he joined the team.

Norris said that when he is in the UK and heading to the factory, he will drive an Artura or a GT and, considering he is obsessed with golf, he likes the latter car because he can fit the clubs in his boot.

But for when he is spending his time at his Monaco home, it is something smaller and far less flashy that he can be spotted in.

“In Monaco I drive my little Fiat 500 Jolly,” Norris said. “You don’t need a big car in Monaco, so that’s my perfect little run around. Out of all my dream cars, the Fiat was the most affordable at this stage so that’s why I bought it.

“It’s not actually an original Jolly so I might get abused for this, but it’s just a fun car. And it’s easy to park which is always a perk of having something small and cute in Monaco.

“I only really go to the golf club or sometimes drive down to Nice or Cannes with a couple of friends. It’s a bit different to the day job that’s for sure. It’s got 15 horsepower so it’s a struggle to get up the hill out of Monaco – you can’t even go for third gear or you’ll grind to a halt up there.”

Well his time with the car is coming to an end as it is being put for auction by auctioneers Car & Classic.

Lando Norris Fiat 500 Jolly: Up for auction

Expected to fetch between £28k and £33k, the 1972 Fiat is a light blue colour but like Norris said, it is not one of the original 650 Jollys that were made. It is instead a regular 500 that has been converted with wicker seats, a canopy roof and removal of its doors.

Unlike the usual Mercedes engine we are used to seeing him drive, the Jolly has a a 499cc air-cooled Fiat engine paired with a four-speed manual gearbox. If you live in the UK and are planning on using in the country then the good news is the historic status of the car makes it tax free, ULEZ compliant and exempt from MOT.

The auction is set to begin on Thursday and will run until October 31.

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