Martin Brundle casts verdict on F1 reverse grids in format ‘trial and error’ criticism

Sam Cooper
Sky F1 pundit and former F1 racer Martin Brundle.

Sky F1's Martin Brundle.

Martin Brundle has urged F1 to avoid any kind of gimmick such as reverse grids as it looks to improve on the sprint format.

2023 held a record six sprint events but the jury is still out on the concept with many drivers and fans feeling it does not add much to the grand prix weekend.

Brundle is one in favour of sprints but suggested that reversing the grid order would easily be countered by the teams.

Martin Brundle: F1 cannot keep ‘messing around’ with sprint format

Max Verstappen won all but one sprint in 2023 but even he was still critical of the format, arguing it takes away from Sunday’s race due to giving fans an idea of what to expect in the main event.

Brundle, however, has suggested it is still better than an extra practice session – but warned against any kind of gimmicks being used to make it more exciting.

“Whenever we change it next, it needs to be for good. We can’t keep messing around,” he told Sky Sports. “I don’t like to see so much trial and error going on in F1.

“I stand by my comment that the worst sprint race is still significantly better than the best FP2 session that it replaces effectively.

“I think F1 has to stay away from stuff like success ballast or that kind of penalty. I think F1 is about excellence, not some kind of pull the grid out of a hat, lucky dip kind of thing.” recommends

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Reverse grid races have been mooted as a possible alternative to the current sprint format, but Brundle suggested teams would soon start planning how slow they need to go to avoid starting at the back.

“With the way F1 is, if you reverse some of the grids, the teams will immediately start working out how fast or slow they need to go.


“What I don’t like is the disconnect between Friday’s main race qualifying and then [on] Sunday I find myself having to think about it all weekend and try to explain it to everybody that doesn’t work.”

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