New Lando Norris picture reveals true extent of facial ‘injury’ from Amsterdam party

Michelle Foster
Lando Norris with bandages on his face after sustaining an injury in Amsterdam

Lando Norris looks almost unrecognisable after sustaining a facial injury while partying in Amsterdam

Underneath the mummy bandages and the flecks of blood lay the true extent of Lando Norris’ facial injury and we can safely say, as per Dr. Google, a little cut on his nose will not keep him out of the Miami Grand Prix.

Enjoying an off-week in Formula 1’s hectic 24-race schedule, Norris spent some time in Amsterdam where he partied on a boat to celebrate Koningsdag (King’s Day).

Lando Norris suffered a facial injury in Amsterdam

However, things went a little wrong when the McLaren driver was caught on camera sporting a mummy-esque bandage on his face with drops of blood on his top.

Said to have been cut by broken glass, understood that the Briton’s injury was not severe nor would it keep him out of the car for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix, as suggested elsewhere.

And fresh photographs on social media back that up.

As seen in a second image posted by a fan, ‘tis nothing but a scratch… apparently a ‘man flu-esque’ scratch given the size of the bandage in the first round of photos.

While Norris’ new facial marking isn’t the upgrade he wanted ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, the good news for the Briton is McLaren will introduce a significant upgrade to his MCL38 as the Woking team continues in their objective to chase down Red Bull.

“If we keep this trajectory of development, then why not?” team boss Andrea Stella said of McLaren challenging Red Bull. “We may reach Red Bull.

“We’re going to have some upgrades in Miami. Let’s see how they perform.

“There are a lot of people at the factory who are all focused on generating developments, and it’s always a battle of development.

“We have seen already cars like Stake had updates, Haas, have been upgraded, and now they are consistently Q3 cars. That’s the real job in Formula 1, just constantly improve cars, and that’s what we have to do.”

McLaren head into round six of the championship sitting third in the Constructors’ Championship with 96 points.

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