‘Everyone thought I broke his nose’ – DJ Martin Garrix reveals story behind Lando Norris’ injury

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Lando Norris with bandages on his face after sustaining an injury in Amsterdam

Lando Norris looks almost unrecognisable after sustaining a facial injury while partying in Amsterdam

Sporting a mummy-esque bandage around his face for what turned out to be a small cut, DJ Martin Garrix says Lando Norris’ nose injury was made out to be “crazier” than it was.

Partying with DJ and good friend Garrix in the break between the Chinese Grand Prix and Miami, Norris joined him as they celebrated Koningsdag (King’s Day) in Amsterdam.

‘Everyone thought I broke his nose or something’

There was, however, a small hitch in the celebrations when Norris cut his nose on a broken glass.

Photos began circulating on social media showing the McLaren driver sporting a mummy-esque bandage around his head with flecks of blood on his top. He though was all smiles.

The full extent of Norris’ injury was on show days later when he arrived in the paddock for the start of the Miami Grand Prix, the mummy bandages swapped out for a small plaster.

It was, says Garrix, not as crazy as it had been out to bed.

“Everyone made it crazier than it was,” he told Virgin Radio Dubai.

“There was a glass that was broken on the boat and we were partying all the time and he took a sip from the glass, and the upper part gave him a small cut on his nose.

“But because of where he cut himself, it was bleeding a lot.

“Everyone thought I broke his nose or something, which was not what happened.

“We had bandaids to put on the nose but very quickly he turned into like a mummy and then someone took a photo, and that photo went viral.

“The whole world saw that photo thinking it was crazy bad but luckily it was only a little scratch.”

Everyone was a Lando Norris fan in Miami

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The injury, or Donald Trump’s presence as the former US President reportedly said, proved to be a lucky charm for Norris with the Briton going on to clinch his maiden F1 victory in Miami.

Norris admits the win was a big weight off his shoulders with the McLaren driver arriving in Miami with the unwanted record for the most podiums without a Grand Prix win.

“As much as I want to say no, it’s a yes,” he said. “To get that first victory is always incredible. And I’ve of course had my moments where we’ve been close, and I’ve never been able to convert it into the win.

“But I wasn’t worried. As much as people doubted that I was going to be able to put it together and win a race, I wasn’t worried.

“I’ve kind of been more confident than ever this year that I’ve got what it takes and the team have got what it takes.

“I was patient with it. I’ve just been doing my job and executing my races, executing my qualys and doing what I can do best.

“And I knew my time was coming. I said it this morning like it’s not often that I’m optimistic about things, but actually all weekend there’s been something you know, like already practice, qualys, we’ve been close and we were very good on Friday and there was kind of that spark.

“And we maybe lost it a little bit into Saturday, but today it definitely came back and turned into a little fire. So yeah, it was an incredible race.”

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