Charles Leclerc takes music career up a notch by announcing release of first EP

Henry Valantine
Charles Leclerc meets Ferrari fans at Fiorano.

Charles Leclerc: Full-time Ferrari driver and musician, with a new EP to be released.

Charles Leclerc is taking his piano playing a step further, by releasing a new EP of four songs at midnight on Thursday, having collaborated with French pianist Sofiane Pamart.

Leclerc had taken up playing the piano in his spare time and released three songs last year, titled based on the race upon which they were released, ‘AUS23’, ‘MIA23’ and ‘MON23’.

Now, though, the Ferrari driver has taken his hobby further and will release an official EP on Thursday night, which he is “proud” to put out to the world.

Charles Leclerc ‘so proud’ to release EP of four piano tracks

Leclerc confirmed he had spent a portion of his off-season in the studio with Pamart to piece his music together, with vinyl records of the songs set to be made available for a limited time for fans of his music.

Alongside that, the scores will be made available so fellow pianists can learn how to play Leclerc and Pamart’s music themselves.

Announcing the news on his Instagram story, the Ferrari driver wrote: “I have enjoyed every second of this moment.

“During the off season, I got in a studio for 2 days together with Sofiane and we worked on 4 songs that will be released tonight at midnight. recommends

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“I’m sooooo proud of the result. We’ll also be releasing vinyls… available for a limited time only.

“We’ll also release the piano scores of the songs. I hope you will love all of it.”

Leclerc’s music has already been streamed more than 20 million times on Spotify alone, with this new EP set to add to his collection upon its release.

He had hinted last year that he was trying to produce his own music, and this release is the likely result of it.

When asked by F1’s YouTube channel if he had ever recorded a song, he said he had, before adding: “I am doing it now. It‘s not going to be public. I mean, I am just doing it for myself, I am trying to produce songs, but [it’s] early days.”

After that clip did the rounds on social media, his tune changed about potentially putting it out there publicly, when addressing keeping his music private, he wrote: “It might change…”

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